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Serve it: Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Email
High Speed, High Feature Web Hosting!

InfoJunky offers fast, reliable and affordable full featured web site hosting space complete with instant script installs, PHP, MySQL, user-created subdomains, an easy-to-use control panel, webmail plus a whole lot more! Fast setup with monthly auto-pay along with a 15-day Money Back Guarantee makes sign up easy and risk-free.

InfoJunky web servers are perfect for small and medium business web sites, and we won't charge you extra just for being a business. We also keep our packages absolutely affordable for personal web sites. Add webmaster help to any package for a low monthly cost.

Domain Registration

All domain name extensions (.com, .org, .us, etc.)
Register your own Domain Name as low as $11.95 per yer
Transfer and renew your own Domain Name as low as $11.95 per year


Need a way to accept credit cards from your site?

Use PayPal for credit card payments from your customers or web site users. PayPal is a very easy way to get payments for e-commerce, auction payments, and donations. Click the PayPal banner for more info!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Seek it; Information Finding, General Research, Fact Finding
Specific Facts or Mundane Lookups

Whether you are short on time, people or desire, let InfoJunky handle your internet research for you. We will find your information as best possible, and present it a simple, organized report that you can use right away.

This service is perfect for those who hate to seek info, or doesn't want to spend the time or energy to do it.

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Sell it: Registered eBay Trading Asstant
Have stuff you want to sell for a true market value?

Let InfoJunky help you get the most out of your items that you want to sell. InfoJunky has years of experience and a spotless feedback record on eBay, the largest online auction web site. We know how to photograph, describe and present your item for the best success.

Don't sell it in a garage sale or in the local paper!

There is no reason today to limit your audience to your neighborhood or town. If you don't know all the setup and prep work that is needed to get the highest market value for your item, or you simply don't want to be bothered, InfoJunky can do it for you for a very small price.

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All web hosting packages offer Dedicated Disk Space and Transfer, Fast Setup with PayPal subscription, Instant Scripts including eCommerce Stores and a 15-day Money Back Guarantee

serve it, seek it, sell it